their little
wings and let
them soar!

Pre-school education in Greytown
that’s as dynamic as the world around us

Ready for School

Blue School prides itself on its unique Ready for School programme which we have developed through research and close liaison with primary schools in the region. Our programme is designed to cultivate children’s confidence in themselves and their abilities, before taking their next steps into primary school.

Children are brought into the Ready for School group when we begin to observe their interest and intrigue in primary school content learning, and as their time to begin school nears.

Each day, the children in this group are gradually introduced to a range of learning experiences including simple phonics and numeracy, as well as being encouraged to become more independent, looking after their belongings, organising themselves and gaining confidence.

Our team dedicates time throughout the year to visiting primary schools, meeting new-entrant teachers and ensuring our children will be able to seamlessly transition to school. Members of our team are qualified and experienced in primary school teaching as well as early childhood. Exceptional relationships with the schools and parents are key to our ready for school programme, and we pride ourselves on progress in this area.

Transition to School – Cohort Transitioning

As a child nears school age, we begin discussions with parents about options for starting school.

Blue School offers families the opportunity to participate in a “cohort transitioning” programme. This programme enables a small group of children to begin school in a group, after they have all turned five.

The group experiences their school visits together, accompanied by a Blue School teacher and parents if they choose, and all begin school on the same day. It means some children wait a little while after their fifth birthday. Legally they do not have to start until they are six years old.

We have established positive relationships with Greytown School and other South Wairarapa schools. We value and highly respect these relationships and aim to really complement what they do. The programme has been a great success, with teachers and parents commending it.

It is available to children attending those schools that have agreed to this approach, and where there are enough children to form a cohort.