their little
wings and let
them soar!

Pre-school education in Greytown
that’s as dynamic as the world around us

Blue School in Action

Children learn from their hands to their heads, using all their senses combined. A child’s day at Blue School centres around a range of experiences and opportunities, asking and being asked questions. Blue School is unique in what it offers children and their families.


At Blue School, our children take on projects as a way of exploring, contributing and learning. This means they begin with exploring a specific idea or curiosity, and then undertake a wide range of activities relating to that idea.

Projects enable them to explore a concept through a combination of mediums, from art, language, maths/counting, construction and more.

Projects mean children learn how to begin something, keep on questioning and discovering, and finish it, ensuring perseverance and wide understanding of a concept. They finish a project with a sense of pride and satisfaction.

STEM focus

Children are born natural scientists! Appreciating the world of science is something we know children can learn at a very early age in a simple, organic way.

We support an international approach called STEM which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The STEM curriculum aims to expand children’s scientific learning by encouraging their natural curiosity about the way things work.

We draw on their sense of wonderment and allow them to engage with these sciences and learn how things work in the world around them.