their little
wings and let
them soar!

Pre-school education in Greytown
that’s as dynamic as the world around us

Our Vision

Pre-school education that is as dynamic as the world around us.

Our Mission

We will nurture every child’s individual strengths and interests and inspire a lasting delight and hunger for discovery and learning.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing pre-school education that excites, challenges and empowers your child. We will constantly search internationally for the very best learning opportunities available, as well as those on our very own doorstep.

We will combine our own enthusiasm with your child’s, to create a wonderful learning experience.

We will care for and nurture your child, tailoring our teaching and programme to their learning needs.

We will ensure your child is socially, academically and emotionally ready for their next steps in their educational journey.

What we value

Our world

We value the extraordinary and dynamic world around us – the natural world, the people across the globe, our built and constructed world, the technological world and the incredible opportunity all of this presents to our children, now and into the future.

We value the place and connections our children have in the world, especially those closer to home. We inspire and nurture their maanakitanga (or caring) for the land, and appreciation of kaitiaki or stewardship of our beautiful and special country.


We recognise and value the fact that our families have chosen to live and educate their children in the beautiful and abundant Wairarapa. We appreciate all that our wider community offers us and actively incorporate our own town and country into our everyday learning. We provide an education for children that truly fits with and supports the values and lifestyle of the community we are all a part of.


We deeply value our children being children. We love seeing the wonderment and awe they show as they discover the world around them. We love their playfulness, creativity and energy. We urge them to find their wings and we watch with excitement as they set off on their numerous ‘first flights’.

We urge them to find their wings and we watch with excitement as they set off on their numerous ‘first flights’.