their little
wings and let
them soar!

Pre-school education in Greytown
that’s as dynamic as the world around us

How we work


The relationship between the Blue School team, parents and whānau and our wider community is crucial to how we work and support your child to flourish.

We work hard to nurture open and positive relationships. We welcome and encourage as much interaction as possible. It is important that communication is two-way, so we expect feedback, suggestions and responses from you as parents, every step of the way.

Upon enrolment at Blue School, we sit down with parents for a Blue School Induction. Here, we gain an understanding of your child’s dispositions and ways, and their development so far. We ask you what you would like from Blue School for your child’s learning and development. This will be documented, but will naturally develop and change as time goes by.

Daily conversations with parents are highly valued. We love sharing your child’s experiences and successes with you, and love hearing from you about your child’s learning at home.

We also communicate online with parents, sharing their work through StoryPark or by email.

We commit to whole of school communication too, and regularly send newsletters to parents that cover all that is going on, as well as some ‘great read’ articles and research on learning and development.

When they leave Blue School to begin primary school, we provide parents and new school teachers with our Blue School evaluation detailing your child’s wonderful abilities, achievements and their natural strengths.

Safety and wellbeing

Your child’s safety and wellbeing at Blue School is paramount and their emotional wellbeing and sense of security is an absolute priority too.

Our school is fully licensed under the Ministry of Education, incorporating all Health and Safety requirements that ensure the safety of its staff and all others in the workplace including the children.

We have extensive policies and procedures in place for all areas of our operation from civil defence management to school excursions. These are all available for your viewing at any time.


We offer sessional enrolment options:

School Day:

8.45am – 3pm

Full Day:

8am – 4.30pm

Morning Session:

8.30am – 12.30pm

Afternoon Session:

12.30pm – 4.30pm